michelle [lunde]; 17.
danish girl. random as fuck. student. perfectionist. + a little inappropriate. .
music & fashion inspire me. the beatles will always be my favorite. i love run on sentences. and politics. obviously.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010


i don't tell anyone about my life, about me, my secrets. because i don't want people to know, yet i tell you about my secrets, my problems, my life because i trust you. only do i find out that you go around spilling everything i ever told. realized that though you were my closest friend i meant little to you. my back stains with blood from the knife you threw in my back. you used me, i was the main character in the game you play.

i know that i have to let our friendship go, leave you behind in the web of lies that you spin. but it's easier said than done.

note: pictures are not of me, but they are pictures that i have taken of others - of course used with their permission


  1. hope things get better, they usually do :))

    thanks for your opinion on the business cards!

    jess s//LadyFLASHBACK!

  2. Thank you :) I bet they will

    And your welcome! :)