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Thursday, May 27, 2010

'Gaardbo dans' at Østre Gasværk

Nu er billederne fra mit "afdansingsbal" her! Det var vildt fedt at danse på Østre Gasværk og stemningen var ligeså god til begge forestillinger. De sorte dragter i åbningsnummeret var ikke ligefremt særlige dejlige at have på, da det egentlig var en heldragt lavet i strømpebukse-stof. Men pyt nu med det. 
Det er en del billeder, men synes selv de er vildt flotte, så nyd endelig...


The pictures from my "end-of-season dance" are here! It was really awesome to get to dance at "Østre Gasværk" and there were really high spirits at both of the shows. The black costumes in the first routine weren't really that great to wear, as it was really just a (very) tight jumpsuit made entirely of pantyhose-fabric. Oh well.
There are a lot of pictures, but personally I think they're all amazing, so please enjoy... 

Åbningsnummer // Opening act

'Beauty' - House rutine // 'Beauty' - House routine

Nick og Jeppe - Robotdrengene // Nick and Jeppe - The Robot Boys)

'Stilhed' - House rutine // 'Silence' - a House routine

'Frozen' - af Madonna // 'Frozen' - by Madonna


Rutine med et miks af nogle af Michael Jacksons numre // 
A routine with a with of some of Michael Jacksons songs

Jeg kan egentlig ikke huske hvornår det her er fra, men der ser ihvertfald rigtig fedt ud // 
I can't actually remember what this is, but it certainly looks cool ;)

'On and On' - Slutningsnummer, moderne // 'On and On' - The Final routine, modern

Sunday, May 23, 2010


, myLast night was so fun! I went to this ”birthday party” because my old school had… yeah, well a birthday. I got to see my best friend who still goes there. It was nice to chill with her. We sat on the stairs with another great friend and ate cake – the best chocolate cake ever! May I just say that chocolate cake and beer do /not/ go well together xP Anywaay, we weren’t really allowed to eat the cake, cause they were just cleaning up, but we charmed our way to a few pieces, so that was pretty good, I guess :D

So I was trying to make time go a little faster by sitting on my computer, doing... well, nothing really. But I came across some pictures from the new SATC movie! It has a preview here in Denmark on June 1st and I'm going! I really can't wait to see it.

I love both of these dresses! They're just so pretty. I would die to own them..
SJP looks more than usually beautiful in this picture, I think. 
And she has the most amazing, rich eyes - I envy her..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Because that's how we roll

Went roller skating with Amanda two days ago. Yes, I'm doing everything but writing on my assignment ;D Nah, it's going to be alright.
The weather was great and it was very fun.

Best part of the trip? This crazy professional skater that came rolling by us when we were struggling to "climb" a bridge so we could get down to the beach and skate a bit there.

"Conversation" with roller skating dude (all while he was skating past us!):

Amanda: Show off!
Roller guy: Tighten your blades!

LOL! We were both laughing so hard, we almost fell down the wrong off the bridge. I guess you had to be there, really, to think that it was funny (Amanda and I have a lot of those 'you-had-to-be-there'-moments), but trust me, it really was!

she actually has this pretty, thick, blond. I envy her and
 have told her many times that I don't get why she cut and dyed it..
Yeah, first 'real' pictures of me. Big deal, huh ;b

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My post has no obvious reason today other than sharing a few pictures with you and to tell you that I'm sitting in my garden, enjoying the sun very much. Though it's not summer it feels like it and the sun is almost baking (or so I pretend) on my black, thick pants. Though it might seem out of place to look like an emo (despise my white shirt and pink socks) when it's such a great weather, I would probably freeze a bit, if sitting in a tube top and shorts.

But now I have to go back to enjoying my tea (yes, I drink hot tea in the sun). Oh, and to writing on my big assigment, due friday, as I have spent most of today downloading movies.

yeah, so a few pictures of my dog slipped in there too..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beautiful Disasters & Hot Messes

My mail account is broke!

Yes, as you might have discovered my life sucks very much at the moment. The only thing that could make my life worse is, if I were to fail my exams (and no I did not just say (=write) that out loud!)

So back to my mail; I have to make a new one, which I really can't deal with right now. Just too much work. All those newsletters I have to re-subscribe and even more people I have to give my new mail adress to. I might not survive yet another day...

And why is it that I only receive unimportant (and no, I don't mean that I'm just angry) messages such as fashion newsletters etc. All other mails, which I kind of need to receive just don't make it to my inbox. It's really frustrating actually.

Anyway, last night actually went pretty well. Oh, I love my friend Amanda (thinking back and laughing at yesterday; Amanda and I are never bored when we're together). We (/ I) actually made one of my friends Mads be on hold and ready to call if the date were to be a complete disaster. Luckily it went quite good, but of course I had to write Mads so he would call - very valid argument for that yesterday: It will be fun!
Thinking back it seems like a rather 'i-don't-have-a-life' sort of thing to do, but I guess you had to be there. The code for a crisis was of course 'Popcorn' as we were going to the movies (duh! :P). Well he called and was very sweet. Oh, and I forgot to mention; boys just don't get that whole escape plan thing. I asked him on our way to the cinema, if he would help me get away if the date was horrible and call me, so I could run away. Guess what he wrote... 'Should I call you now?' Amanda and I laughed so hard, sitting in the train. Silly boys... ;P

So all-in-all my life is both good and bad. Well, my life sucks, but my social life ain't so shitty at the moment.

(Love that picture..)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Ugh, I'm sick...

And really, what is more charming than a red, soar nose after having blown your nose for the millionth time? Well, I can think of anything better.
It really does feel like your life sucks, when you've been lying in bed for three days and all you want to do is jump up and run around, even though you know it's the last thing you'll ever be able to do right now..

Anyway, to be a bit more miss sunshine my friend Amanda came over last night - me: still sick. Pretty fun. She brought over some Cola Zero (of course!) and we drank that and watched Pretty Woman. What a wonderful movie indeed. I would pay many money to look like Julia Roberts. Or just her hair. and body. and face... Okay, I just want to look entirely like her.
She went home at about 2.00 am - no crashing my house this time, as we have a double date(!) today. So of course we had to get our beauty sleep before "the big night".

Well, woke up at about 9.45 am so not much sleep at all, but sleeping is really for when you get old anyway. My mum had pulled out the big juice maker! So I've just finished drinking a juice made up entirely by me. Yes, I am very proud of that, in case you were wondering.

Okay, back to tonight. We're watching 'The last song' - Amanda's choice of course.

Hmm, maybe I should explain more about this double date... Well, really it wasn't supposed to be dates at all. At first I was just to meet her 'boy friend' - mark that I use the term boyfriend loosely, as she course still insist that he is just a friend and that they're just "chilling and hanging out" (and that's her exact words. She even called me stupid when I teased her about it again). So! The boy of course insisted on taking a friend with him, so I didn't have to be alone, a third wheel etc. Nice thought, indeed, but not what I wanted at all as it is now dates and not just a trip to the movies with friends.
Argh! We're both so nervous by now - got each other completely freaked out when it was about 11.00 pm and we both were a little tired.

So wish me luck, and I'll be sure to fill you in on what happened if I'm not dead by tomorrow.
I might have pneumonia...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinemateket – an interview with Claus Kjær

So I got an interview with this awesome guy called Claus Kjær from something called Cinemateket. Here's what I wrote - I hope you like it;

Across ”Kongens have”, in the centre of Copenhagen lies a big house. Outside it might look like a regular house, but behind the old bricks and big window something fantastic happens everyday. The house holds experiences, impressions and dreams from all over the world.

’Cinemateket’ itself is a weird word. A mix between cinema and what we in Danish call bibliotek (’library’). But putting these two words together is not completely without meaning. ’Cinemateket’ shows movies. Both Danish and international. It is a cinema, but you don’t find any big American productions such as Avatar or Batman. At ’Cinemateket’ the more unknown movies get to come alive. Movies from all over the world is each month picked out and shown for the people interested in seeing them.
But the place is much more than just a cinema. Claus Kjær – the programme editor at ’Cinemateket’ – has agreed to tell me some more about what happens at ’Cinemateket’.

”We do show a lot of movies. There’s something here for everyone at every age. When we (himself and others) choose the movies, we make sure to pick out something for a broad fane of people, but also something a bit more narrow”. He points at the program in front of me, which he has given me just before the interview started. ”This month we have a lot of movies by Carl th. Dreyer, the biggest filmmaker in Denmark. But we also have a series of film by Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal. And as always we have a kids’ cinema. So something for everyone”.

I tell Claus that I come from a very film-interested family, and therefore I already know some about ‘Cinemateket’, but that I have a feeling that not many people my age do.

You’re right. Unfortunately a lot of people your age are not aware of how many interesting things there is to see and do at ’Cinemateket’. We don’t have, as the big cinema have, the budgets to do commercials in TV. We do have poster hanging around in the city though and programs lying around in cafés and commercials in the paper. But of course you would have to buy a paper to see them,” Claus laughs and adds: ”we actually have a lot of interesting events. Every Friday night a music film is shown – this month it’s about Johnny Cash. Or ’Sneakbar’ where young talents get the chance to show their movies. It’s film from ’Filmværkstedet’ (meaning ’Movie-workshop’) that lies on the top floor. And there’s a bar afterwards”. He smiles in the end and points at the program again. ”There are a lot of exciting events in various genres”.

I asked him what ’Filmværkstedet’ is. He told me it’s a place where you can come with an idea for a movie, and then if you sell it well enough you can receive some money and help to make it. So ’Cinemateket’ is not only for people who like to see movies, but also a place with opportunities to make movies.

”Downstairs we have something that’s called Film-x. Here everyone gets an oppotuneity to make a movie. It’s not real cameras and setting though, but it’s a fun way of trying to make one. You have to go into a soundsbox and put sounds on your movie and cut it yourself”.

So there happens a lot more than just showing movies. I tell Claus that I wasn’t aware of all the things he had just told me and that makes him eager to tell me more;

”We also have a sort of library where you can borrow all types of movies. Just like a regular book library. We also have a big archive. Here you can sit with the movies or get information about movies all the way back to 1906”.

It's obvious that Claus care greatly about ’Cinemateket’ and everything it has to offer. Therefore I ask him if I can get some more program that I can place in my school and such. Right away he find an entire bag and he sounds very exctited that I want to tell about it to other people. ’Cinemateket’ is an amazing house in the centre of Copenhagen and I hope that everyone who reads this will come and see what the house has to offer – whether you live in Denmark or visits our little country someday I’m sure that you will find something you’ll love.

Some of the movies that ’Cinemateket’ has to offer in May:
  • Movies by Carl th. Dreyer
  • Film of the month/ Jeanne D'arc
  • Shanghai Dreams
  • Gyllenhaals
  • Kick off – now it’s soccer!
  • Kids’ cinema
Events in May:
  • Ebbe Rode 100 years
  • Sneakbar (new movies from new talents)
  • Psych-out (movies from the underground)
  • Friday late night – Johnny Cash
  • and much more..