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Sunday, May 23, 2010


, myLast night was so fun! I went to this ”birthday party” because my old school had… yeah, well a birthday. I got to see my best friend who still goes there. It was nice to chill with her. We sat on the stairs with another great friend and ate cake – the best chocolate cake ever! May I just say that chocolate cake and beer do /not/ go well together xP Anywaay, we weren’t really allowed to eat the cake, cause they were just cleaning up, but we charmed our way to a few pieces, so that was pretty good, I guess :D

So I was trying to make time go a little faster by sitting on my computer, doing... well, nothing really. But I came across some pictures from the new SATC movie! It has a preview here in Denmark on June 1st and I'm going! I really can't wait to see it.

I love both of these dresses! They're just so pretty. I would die to own them..
SJP looks more than usually beautiful in this picture, I think. 
And she has the most amazing, rich eyes - I envy her..

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  1. ahh such a good movie!