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Saturday, May 15, 2010


Ugh, I'm sick...

And really, what is more charming than a red, soar nose after having blown your nose for the millionth time? Well, I can think of anything better.
It really does feel like your life sucks, when you've been lying in bed for three days and all you want to do is jump up and run around, even though you know it's the last thing you'll ever be able to do right now..

Anyway, to be a bit more miss sunshine my friend Amanda came over last night - me: still sick. Pretty fun. She brought over some Cola Zero (of course!) and we drank that and watched Pretty Woman. What a wonderful movie indeed. I would pay many money to look like Julia Roberts. Or just her hair. and body. and face... Okay, I just want to look entirely like her.
She went home at about 2.00 am - no crashing my house this time, as we have a double date(!) today. So of course we had to get our beauty sleep before "the big night".

Well, woke up at about 9.45 am so not much sleep at all, but sleeping is really for when you get old anyway. My mum had pulled out the big juice maker! So I've just finished drinking a juice made up entirely by me. Yes, I am very proud of that, in case you were wondering.

Okay, back to tonight. We're watching 'The last song' - Amanda's choice of course.

Hmm, maybe I should explain more about this double date... Well, really it wasn't supposed to be dates at all. At first I was just to meet her 'boy friend' - mark that I use the term boyfriend loosely, as she course still insist that he is just a friend and that they're just "chilling and hanging out" (and that's her exact words. She even called me stupid when I teased her about it again). So! The boy of course insisted on taking a friend with him, so I didn't have to be alone, a third wheel etc. Nice thought, indeed, but not what I wanted at all as it is now dates and not just a trip to the movies with friends.
Argh! We're both so nervous by now - got each other completely freaked out when it was about 11.00 pm and we both were a little tired.

So wish me luck, and I'll be sure to fill you in on what happened if I'm not dead by tomorrow.
I might have pneumonia...

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