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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beautiful Disasters & Hot Messes

My mail account is broke!

Yes, as you might have discovered my life sucks very much at the moment. The only thing that could make my life worse is, if I were to fail my exams (and no I did not just say (=write) that out loud!)

So back to my mail; I have to make a new one, which I really can't deal with right now. Just too much work. All those newsletters I have to re-subscribe and even more people I have to give my new mail adress to. I might not survive yet another day...

And why is it that I only receive unimportant (and no, I don't mean that I'm just angry) messages such as fashion newsletters etc. All other mails, which I kind of need to receive just don't make it to my inbox. It's really frustrating actually.

Anyway, last night actually went pretty well. Oh, I love my friend Amanda (thinking back and laughing at yesterday; Amanda and I are never bored when we're together). We (/ I) actually made one of my friends Mads be on hold and ready to call if the date were to be a complete disaster. Luckily it went quite good, but of course I had to write Mads so he would call - very valid argument for that yesterday: It will be fun!
Thinking back it seems like a rather 'i-don't-have-a-life' sort of thing to do, but I guess you had to be there. The code for a crisis was of course 'Popcorn' as we were going to the movies (duh! :P). Well he called and was very sweet. Oh, and I forgot to mention; boys just don't get that whole escape plan thing. I asked him on our way to the cinema, if he would help me get away if the date was horrible and call me, so I could run away. Guess what he wrote... 'Should I call you now?' Amanda and I laughed so hard, sitting in the train. Silly boys... ;P

So all-in-all my life is both good and bad. Well, my life sucks, but my social life ain't so shitty at the moment.

(Love that picture..)

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