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music & fashion inspire me. the beatles will always be my favorite. i love run on sentences. and politics. obviously.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My post has no obvious reason today other than sharing a few pictures with you and to tell you that I'm sitting in my garden, enjoying the sun very much. Though it's not summer it feels like it and the sun is almost baking (or so I pretend) on my black, thick pants. Though it might seem out of place to look like an emo (despise my white shirt and pink socks) when it's such a great weather, I would probably freeze a bit, if sitting in a tube top and shorts.

But now I have to go back to enjoying my tea (yes, I drink hot tea in the sun). Oh, and to writing on my big assigment, due friday, as I have spent most of today downloading movies.

yeah, so a few pictures of my dog slipped in there too..

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