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Friday, June 18, 2010


So obviously my life is vey boring at the moment, since I'm only writing about pretty much anything but my own life.

Well today's post is about Lady Gaga. Or more specific the Lady Gaga style. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems as if everywhere I look Lady Gaga is taking over the stage of music. Both Beyonce ('Telephone' and  'Video Phone' - where Lady Gaga it really only written as "feat" so shouldn't it be B's style and not Lady Gaga's??) and now Christina Aguilera (with 'Not Myself Tonight') tend to do looks and videos in the Lady Gaga style. I guess, there's really nothing wrong with doing that, but especially Beyoncé bugs me, as a style like that isn't nowhere close to how she used to be - ever!

Also I like Lady Gaga because of her originality. Or maybe I should say that I respect her - because let's face it: not everything she has done is equally good. Like 'Let's Dance'; not really my favorite. But even when I really don't like her, I still respect her for having the guts to stand out in the crowd and be different. Like Madonna or Michael Jackson before her (some of you who are not Lady Gaga fans might get mad at me for comparing her to such great artists, but please bare with me).
And now that special thing about Lady Gaga seems to go missing - to me at least - when other people become almost identical with her. That's a shame, I think, and it's too bad for Lady Gaga because she can't really help it..

Well, I'm not going to say more now. You can judge for yourself:


  1. i really love lady gaga but atm i'm kinda feeling a bit bored with her songs cos they all sound similar?


  2. Yes that's. I really like her older stuff such as 'bad romance' and 'paparazi', but since then I'm growing a bit bored of her as well actually.